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We at Southern Roofing Services, Inc. are proud to be in a position to assist our customers with their roofing needs. We are always available to our customers to assist with budgeting, designing, installing and maintaining a quality roof system for your facility.

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We understand that building budgets for capital improvements and maintenance can be trying times. We are ready and willing to assist your team with the needed information to insure your budget for roofing needs is updated and accurate.

There are many criteria to be met when designing a new or re-roof for your facility. Just a few are Building Codes, Insurance Carrier Requirements, Load Limits, Energy Concerns and Life Cycle Costing. We welcome the opportunity to assist in designing a quality roof system that will meet your specific needs and afford you the best value possible.

Once a design is agreed upon Southern Roofing Services, Inc. will provide a quality installation in a timely fashion. We are always concerned about the specific needs and logistics of our customers relative to production, inconvenience and safety. We make every effort to work with your team to eliminate these concerns before the project starts. Once the installation is complete a Preventative Roof Maintenance Program will assure you of good performance for the life of the roof system.

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