A stitch in time saves nine.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Pay me now or pay me later!

I am sure you have heard all of these sayings before. Everyone in industry today understands the need for preventative maintenance on their process machinery and equipment if maximum utilization and productivity is to be attained. This same commitment to your roofing systems is also essential if you are to achieve the maximum utilization life from your new or existing roof.

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Southern Roofing Services offers a unique Preventative Roof Maintenance Program

Preventative Program

How It Works

Our Preventative Roof Maintenance Program covers all of the major problem areas found with commercial and industrial roofing systems. Some of the problem areas covered by this program are listed here.

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There are many other potential problem areas such as bare spots, blisters, open laps, wrinkles, debris, roof mounted equipment, process chemicals, and on and on that can result in roof leaks.

Proper drainage is of the utmost importance. Not only will pounding water accelerate the deterioration of most roofing systems and void most warranties, but can result in structural damage or failure causing major property losses and possible loss of life.

Although they account for only a small portion of most roofing systems by area, flashings and counter flashings account for over 80% of all roof leaks.

The use of pitch pans with new roofing applications has decreased in recent years due to improved methods of flashing pipes, conduits, columns, and other small roof penetrations. However, their use in older systems remains a major source of roof leaks.

Expansion joints are an essential part of any large roofing system. They allow for the structural movement of the building components without damaging the roofing system.

Waterproofing of parapet walls, either with sealants or membrane, is another major source of water entering the roofing system. The main area of concern with coping caps is joint cover plates and miters.

If your roofing system has a roof coating, its main purpose is to protect the membrane from direct sun light. Exposure to ultra violet light accelerates the deterioration of most roofing systems.

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